Stephen Omollo
Regional Director, World Vision, East Africa Region
Stephen Omollo

Achieving gender parity in leadership is critical to ensuring that our efforts to achieve child-well-being, must be nuanced and founded on diversity – in leadership, in solutions and approaches to sustainable development. Gender inequality is one of the most powerful drivers of vulnerability for children in every context, and has especially severe consequences in fragile contexts.  We have to walk the talk, starting with ourselves, as the children and communities we work for need to see gender parity in action!

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • I commit to review and enhance policies to improve conditions for women working in fragile contexts, including duration of rest and recuperation (R&R), leave days, compensation, and family visits to allow women more time with families by 2021.

  • I commit to participate in gender balanced panels in discussion and ensure that all job interview panels have a gender balance. I also commit to intentionally support the growth and career progression of women, by ensuring that in the East Africa regional office and all national offices, gender parity at the senior leadership level is achieved by 2020.