Tom Hanney
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Ireland to International Organizations in Vienna
Tom Hanney

The public commitments under the International Gender Champions initiative are a very practical way to break down gender barriers. Concerted action at a multilateral level has a vital role to play to make progress in eliminating discrimination and ensuring the dignity of every person, men and women. 

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Research from UNIDIR has shown that there continues to be a very significant gender imbalance in the representation of official delegations in disarmament fora. Systematically and consistently advocate for gender balance in all international fora where disarmament issues are discussed and negotiated, with references to the important of gender balance in all national statements.

  • Continue to press for a significant improvement in gender balance, particularly at senior levels, in the staffing of UN organisations involved in nuclear safety and security issues. Ensure strong participation by men in debates and events on gender related issues.