Unnur Orradóttir-Ramette
Ambassador, Embassy of Iceland in Paris, Permanent Delegation of Iceland to the OECD and UNESCO
Unnur Orradóttir-Ramette

"Women are powerful agents of change with regard to pressing global issues such as climate change, peace, security and development.

Removing barriers to women’s economic empowerment and addressing inequalities between men, women, boys and girls caused by gender-based roles in society, is key for progress."

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

Personal Commitments

Ensure a gender-balanced annual programme of work within our mission in Paris. As a thematic priority of our mission we will focus on gender equality related events with our bi-lateral partners, as well as contributing visibly within OECD and UNESCO through Groups of Friends
Use public diplomacy to effectively advocate for gender equality and human rights by using social media platforms and live events, such as the International Equal Pay Day. In our social media content calendar we will develop measurable indicators on promoting gender equality and human rights. With our engagement we aim to raise awareness, promote good practices and legislation, as well as introducing Iceland’s path towards a more equal society.