Yann Borgstedt
Founder and Chairman, Womanity Foundation
Yann Borgstedt

A society cannot reach its potential if half of its population is denied participation. My purpose is to create a level playing field through social innovation and ensure that more and more women and girls can be educated, live free from abuse, and be productive. This, I am sure, will lead to sustainable progress.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Launch a new partnership to tackle violence against women [in the Global South], specifically enabling the scaling of a proven initiative which helps make urban spaces safer for women and girls.

  • Scope the need for a new digital media platform in the Middle East engaging millennials, to complement innovative ongoing media work which challenges harmful gender norms through 'edutainment’ and create safe online and off-line spaces for societal debates on the role of women (and men) in society. Encourage influencers, business leaders and others in my personal and professional networks to support more visibility and funding for this kind of work.