April 30, 2020 @ 15:00 – April 30, 2020 @ 16:15

High uncertainty about our future and social distancing challenges our basic need to belong, feel safe and stay in close contact with others. As leaders and coworkers we need to find ways to connect with authenticity and care with our colleagues. 

In times of disruption we cannot simply rely on past patterns. Strengthening our ability to deeply listen and create inclusive spaces where everyone’s voice can be heard, is more challenging online but even more essential for our ability to cope with the current reality. Generative dialogue enables creative outcomes to emerge and a group to tap into new possibilities. When has listening, or the lack of it, made a difference in a specific outcome in your personal or professional life?

This interactive workshop focuses on deep listening and generative dialogue practices that help you to establish psychosocial safety and build trust when working remotely. On a foundation of trust work can continue to be effective and motivating. The practices are based on Theory U, a change management and leadership methodology from the MIT.
By registration only. Open to the IGC network (Champions and focal points). Register here.
Facilitated by: 

  • Anna Krebs is a Catalyst for Gender Equality at Collaboratio Helvetica and works as facilitator with various organisations in Switzerland. Her work aims at awareness-based transformation and focuses on participatory group processes, inclusion and gender . Through her work she wants to help create ripples of positive and sustainable change. 
  • Erica Mazerolle, is an experienced facilitator trained in Art of Hosting and Leading from the Emerging Future (MIT). Through her work as a social innovation professional at Impact Hub, she guides public, private and civic stakeholders on their journey towards cross-sector collaboration.