September 15, 2022 @ 15:30 – September 15, 2022 @ 17:00
Hybrid: Online and at the House of Parliaments 5, chemin du Pommier
in Geneva 330

Riding on a wave of countries becoming democracies in the 1990s, IPU Member Parliaments issued the Universal Declaration on Democracy in 1997 in Cairo, Egypt.

At the time, it was designed to be an international standard to guide governments, parliaments and people through the many challenges to democracy around the world.

Twenty-five years on, with the backdrop of democratic back-sliding and parliaments under assault in many countries around the world, is the declaration still relevant? Is democracy resilient and flexible enough to adapt to the challenges of today and still deliver for the people? Are democracies up to the task of mitigating the effects of the climate emergency? And what do young people think?

Register here for an interactive debate with some leading thinkers on democracy, prominent parliamentarians and representatives of civil society.

Register before 9 September.

Open to all parliamentarians and anyone interested in democracy.

Limited places are available at the House of Parliaments to watch the debate live. Write to press@ipu.org if you are interested in attending in person.