April 04, 2022 @ 16:00 – April 04, 2022 @ 17:30

The YW4A partnership is a unique collaboration of the Netherlands Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, young women, feminists, and gender equality champions, faith-based advocates, gender researchers, and legal and policy experts, all coming to influence political decision-making on matters addressing young women’s agency and empowerment in addressing SGBV at all levels.

YW4A supports the agency and capacity building of over 17,500 young women and 27 women’s rights and faith-based organisations in four countries (South Sudan, Kenya, Palestine, and Egypt) to enhance their individual and collective transformative actions to advocate and hold decision-makers accountable for women’s rights.

To kick off their advocacy work, the YW4A programme is scheduled to kick start a global dialogue through a virtual webinar with the following objectives:

  • To introduce the vision of the YW4A partnership and its four pathways in advancing the four fundamentals of Awareness, Advocacy, Agency, and Accountability in international and regional platforms.
  • To demonstrate the scale and nuance of the issues addressed by the initiative by communicating them through a country lens.
  • To communicate the vision of the initiative, its potential, and the benefits of being a part of it

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