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Change Management

Sexual Harassment: learn, prevent, protect

Don't turn a blind eye: The University of Geneva's guide against sexual harassment
Change Management Standards

Gendered Innovations

"Gendered Innovations" is a Stanford University, European Commission, and National Science Foundation project analyzing science, health, medicine, engineering, and environmental research from a gender perspective. It offers transformational resources on best practices, institutional changes, and gender based analysis.
Change Management

A “How To” Checklist for International Gender Champions

The “How To” Checklist includes tips on what Champions can do as individuals and the top five things organizations can do, with practical steps that Champions can take in recruitment, staff development and performance management to ensure that gender equality is embedded in their organizations.
Change Management

Take Action to Champion Gender Equality

Brochure from the ILO for all staff to champion gender equality at work

Gender-Responsive Assemblies toolkit

The Gender-Responsive Assembly Toolkit is intended for all actors that drive change within organizations, including Director-/Secretary-Generals, Secretariats, Member States, civil society and staff to uphold common standards for gender-responsive assemblies by sharing current actions on agenda-setting, participation, governance, working environment, and decision-making.

Factsheet on Gender in the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

Factsheet by the IGC Disarmament Impact Group and the Gender & Mine Action Programme, September 2018.

UN Guidelines for Gender-Inclusive Language

These guidelines are aimed at helping United Nations staff to communicate in a gender-inclusive way in the six official languages of the Organization.

IGC Gender & Disarmament Resource Pack

The Gender & Disarmament Resource Pack includes information on gender equality and its relevance to arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament, in addition to practical ideas that can support diplomats in applying a gender lens to their work.

IGC 2018 Annual Report

Read up on IGC activities of 2018 spanning from Geneva over New York to Vienna, Nairobi and The Hague

Gender Representation in Permanent Missions in Geneva

Have a look at these three infographics to find out how the Permanent Missions in Geneva are doing on gender parity and when it will be achieved.

Gender Representation in the UN System for professionals and above

Have a look at just three infographics to find out how the UN system is doing on gender parity and when it will be achieved.