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The front lines of gender inequality

McKinsey Quaterly Five Fifty: read a five minute briefing on gender equality, or dive deeper with additional fifty minutes worth of material on gender equality.

UN System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, launched a new strategy on gender parity. The strategy provides a roadmap to reach parity at the senior levels of leadership by 2021, and ultimately in 2028 across the board.
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Delivering through Diversity

McKinsey and Company's research report demonstrates that supporting diverse representation in companies is smart business, and creates organizations that are more innovative, successful, and talented. It also recommends four main strategies for creating an inclusive organization.

30% Club

The 30% Club was created as a cross-business initiative aimed at achieving 30% women on UK corporate boards through voluntary, business-led change.

Enhanced Headhunters Code of Conduct

The voluntary code sets out seven key principles of best practice, including setting diversity goals, defining the client brief to balance experience with relevant skills, and giving support during the selection process.

Gender Parity: Research Updates

Resources from GQUAL's conference on gender parity research, with summaries of workshops, conclusions, and recommendations.

The Global Gender and Environment Outlook

GGEO is is a collaborative project between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Strategic Partners to bring gender issues to the heart of environmental assessment and decision-making. Through their annual report and resources, GGEO offers the latest global analysis from a gender lens.

COP 23 Gender Action Plan

Member States at the annual Conference of the Parties (COP23) adopted a new roadmap to incorporate gender equality and women’s empowerment in climate change discourse and actions.
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Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is an analytical tool used to assess how different genders may experience policies, programs, and initiatives.

GVAData - The Geneva Data Portal

Explore this database to find the most relevant publications on gender and the Sustainable Development Goals that International Geneva has to offer.

The gender gap in employment: What's holding women back?

The ILO has created a handy infographic using data to examine barriers facing women in the workplace.

The Women at Work initiative: The push for equality

In preparation for its centenary, the ILO has prepared the Women at Work report reviewing the barriers women face in the workforce, including barriers to entering the workforce in the first place.