Resources: Inclusive & Equitable Organizations

Gender Champions Challenge Concept note

The IGC is launching a Gender Champions Challenge to take the network and its members to the next level of awareness and action. Read the concept note to find out more!

GCSP Inclusive Security Policy Brief Series - Bridging the Gaps Applying a Gender Lens

The third policy brief of this series explored why it is important to develop an inclusive mindset and take steps to overcome some of the biases we develop. In this brief we explore how numerous biases that discriminate against women in particular have become embedded in our social systems and how using a gender lens can help us to develop more gender-responsive and inclusive approaches that make the most of our diversity.

UNIDIR Report - Connecting the Dots: Arms Control, Disarmament and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

The paper is the outcome of a research project examining the normative and practical overlaps and connections of the WPS agenda with the field of arms control and disarmament. Using an original approach to gender-responsive arms control and disarmament measures that is structured around the four WPS pillars of participation, prevention, protection, and relief and recovery, this report identifies current best practices and areas for further action.

UNIDIR Report Overview of Findings and Recommendations - Connecting the Dots: Arms Control, Disarmament and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Overview of Findings and Recommendations for the UNIDIR Report "Connecting the Dots: Arms Control, Disarmament and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda." Full report also found here in the resources section.

#OnlyTogether can we overcome gendered barriers and finally realise a gender-equitable world

The year 2020 marks not only the 25th anniversary of the GCSP, but also that of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on women’s rights, and the 20th anniversary of United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 1325, which laid the foundations for the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda. With many relevant policies now in place, the call is to take concerted steps to put these policies into action. What are some of the barriers we need to overcome to finally realise a gender-equitable world?

Women’s participation in peace processes – is it enough?

Guaranteeing the inclusion of women in peacebuilding processes in quantitative terms is not a synonym for meaningful participation. Belén Grau Contreras explains why we must also focus on the quality of their involvement to create a game-changing impact both in peace-making and peacebuilding.

IGC Trade Impact Group: “Delivering on the Buenos Aires Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment”

On 10 December 2020, the Trade Impact Group launched the publication “Delivering on the Buenos Aires declaration: On trade and women's economic empowerment”.