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How to bring about gender equality in your organization: Examples of powerful commitments made by International Gender Champions

A compilation of best commitments undertaken in such areas as organisational culture, parity, programmatic work, work-life balance etc.

Gender and COVID-19

An advocacy brief by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Gender Champions Challenge Concept note

The IGC is launching a Gender Champions Challenge to take the network and its members to the next level of awareness and action. Read the concept note to find out more!

GCSP Inclusive Security Policy Brief Series - Developing an Inclusive Mindset: The Power of Connection and Difference

Centuries of globalisation and cross-border flows of people, goods, information, and technology have built multiple layers of connection among us. They have transformed the way we live and shaped many of the security risks we face, ranging from viruses and cyberattacks to environmental disasters.

GCSP Inclusive Security Policy Brief Series - Why Focus on Inclusion and How is it Connected to Security?

Security is a basic human right to be free of fear to one’s life from injury or death in the daily conduct of life. During the Cold War, perceptions of security were shaped by narratives of a threat from an ‘other’, principally a state actor. Whilst geopolitical tensions are currently heightening risks of weapons of mass destruction being deployed, wars are increasingly fought within states and transnationally and, involve violence targeted primarily against civilians.

GCSP Inclusive Security Policy Brief Series - Bridging the Gaps Applying a Gender Lens

The third policy brief of this series explored why it is important to develop an inclusive mindset and take steps to overcome some of the biases we develop. In this brief we explore how numerous biases that discriminate against women in particular have become embedded in our social systems and how using a gender lens can help us to develop more gender-responsive and inclusive approaches that make the most of our diversity.