Resources: Report

IGC 2017 Annual Report

Read up on IGC activities of 2017 spanning from Geneva over New York to Vienna and Nairobi
Change Management

Delivering through Diversity

McKinsey and Company's research report demonstrates that supporting diverse representation in companies is smart business, and creates organizations that are more innovative, successful, and talented. It also recommends four main strategies for creating an inclusive organization.

The Global Health 50/50 Report 2018

Read this comprehensive review of the gender-related policies of more than 140 major organizations working in and/or influencing the field of global health.

Gender-Responsive Assemblies toolkit

The Gender-Responsive Assembly Toolkit is intended for all actors that drive change within organizations, including Director-/Secretary-Generals, Secretariats, Member States, civil society and staff to uphold common standards for gender-responsive assemblies by sharing current actions on agenda-setting, participation, governance, working environment, and decision-making.

IGC 2018 Annual Report

Read up on IGC activities of 2018 spanning from Geneva over New York to Vienna, Nairobi and The Hague

A Quantum Leap for Gender Equality: For a Better Future of Work for All

This report is the culmination of the extensive and often ground-breaking work undertaken in the ILO’s Women at Work Centenary Initiative.

UN Enabling Environment Guidelines

These guidelines include good practices and recommendations to help guide and support all UN entities to make progress on a better work environment.

Rapport Annuel 2018

Découvrez les activités du réseau IGC en 2018, de Genève à New-York, de Vienne à Nairobi en passant par La Haye!

Still behind the curve

UNIDIR's Report on gender balance in arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament diplomacy.

Missing Links

A UNIDIR publication on Sex- and Gender-Related Impacts of Chemical and Biological Weapons.

IGC 2019 Annual Report

Read up on IGC activities of 2019 spanning from Geneva over New York to Vienna, Nairobi, The Hague and Paris.

Gender-based violence and environment linkages

This publication establishes that patterns of gender-based abuse are observed across environmental contexts, affecting the security and well-being of nations, communities and individuals, and jeopardising meeting sustainable development goals (SDGs).