Commitment fulfilled! International Women's Day with Kate Gilmore

H.E. Matthew Neuhaus, International Gender Champion and Australian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, tells us about the successful fulfillment of his commitment and draws a positive conclusion:

"On 7 March I was honoured to collaborate with the Women in International Law (WIL) Network in the Netherlands to host a 2019 International Women’s Day event featuring Australian human rights thought leader, Kate Gilmore, UN Deputy High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) on the topic “Gender Equality in a Populist World”.  

Ms Gilmore provided fresh and provocative views to the conversation on the threat of populism to the global rules-based order, importance of the evolution of international law to protect women’s rights and the power of the human rights and gender equality movements to protect past gains and push the agenda forward.  I was honoured and proud to have a fellow Australian contribute to this timely and important debate and look forward to The Hague community continuing to cooperate in empowering women and championing gender equality.  

As in Kate’s wise words, “in a time of austerity, frugality and when the planet is straining under scarcity, we need to capitalise on our most precious resource – the talent, capability and contribution of all people – our most renewable energy.”  Thanks also to Leiden University for hosting the event and to Ms Patricia Sellers for her fantastic moderation of the event."