IGC has its first Finance Minister

On Friday 29 June, Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced at the iW50 Summit in Paris, that he would become an International Gender Champion. As the first Finance Minister International Gender Champion, he is making concrete commitments to advance gender equality in international finance and to help building a world where gender differences do not prevent individuals from achieving their potential. 

As part of Canada’s G7 Presidency, Minister Morneau is also inviting his G7 counterparts to join him in becoming International Gender Champions.   

As an International Gender Champion, Bill Morneau has made two commitments tailored to the institution he leads in addition to the IGC Panel Parity Pledge : to pursue gender budgeting in the next twelve months as a means to achieve greater equality and inclusion, and to achieve gender parity in Canadian appointments to the board of International Financial Institutions for which the Minister of Finance is governor, and to instruct these appointees to prioritise gender equality in their work at these institutions.

More information on Department of Finance Canada.