KSC Registrar fulfils IGC commitment

Dr Fidelma Donlon, Registrar of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC), updates us on the fulfilment of her commitment to establish the gender coordination committee within the KSC. This is a forum for people to have open dialogue, share their experiences and also aims to dispel misconceptions about gender in the workplace.

“I felt it was important to create a forum in the organisation where all staff members could exchange their experiences related to gender mainstreaming. The KSC is keenly focused on ensuring a positive and inclusive culture and work environment. I want to include staff in the discussion and hear their experiences, concerns and any recommendations they might have”, Dr Donlon explains. 

At the first meeting of the gender coordination committee the discussion was led by the Head and Deputy Head of Security. Participants heard about best practices in managing security operations, shared experiences from various fields of work, posed questions and made recommendations to the Registrar.

“It was very positive to hear senior staff explain and share with other staff management practices in the field of security that are based on qualifications and skill rather than on gender. I was also happy that staff embraced the opportunity to make recommendations to me including suggesting proactive steps the KSC might take to encourage more qualified female applicants to apply for security positions.”

The establishment of the gender coordination committee has been welcomed by KSC staff and their interest in participating in the forum has increased since its first meeting. At the most recent meeting convened by both the Registrar and the Specialist Prosecutor, participants heard about the importance of facilitating gender responsive support and protection to witnesses.

Moving forward the Registrar and the Specialist Prosecutor intend to invite external speakers including some of their fellow Gender Champions to share their experiences and present to the gender coordination committee.