Out-of-Office Email Templates for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The summer is a wonderful time to relax on a holiday. You will be more effective at your job if you take the time to rest and renew your drive. However, in this day and age, work can follow you wherever you go. How can you truly disconnect and take time for yourself?

The Diversity and Inclusion Group of the International Trade Centre (ITC) has developed some out-of-office email response templates to promote a healthy work-life balance for people on holidays and remind those at work to take time for self-care as well. Use one of these and log out over your next time off!

"I am out of the office and away from my computer from X to X. I will respond to emails and queries upon my return. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting my efforts to find a real work-life balance for myself (and my family)! Should you need immediate support, please reach out to my teammates: X."

"I will be away from the office on vacation from X to X. During this period, I will be on a self-care mission and aim to be completely unplugged from my computer and work world. Should you have a concern that needs attention, please check in with my teammates, X = email and X= email. Both have agreed to field questions and provide emergency support."

"At this moment, I am focusing on the life part of work-life balance! I will not have access to my computer or email during the period of X to X. Thanks for your understanding, and know that I will reply to all messages upon my return to work. My colleague, X, is available during my absence should you have an urgent need."

"Thank you for your message. I will not be at my desk or have computer access during the period of X to X. Why? I am on holiday and in need of some rest and relaxation! I will speak to you soon and will reply to all emails upon my return. For any true emergencies, please reach out to X."

Some other ideas to show your human side:

"I will be embracing music festivals..."

"I will be on a yoga retreat..."

"I will be at my best friend’s wedding..."