The Hague New Year’s Champions Meeting

The IGC New Year’s Champions Breakfast Meeting - which took place on 18 January at the Swiss Residence - marks the first of four annual events hosted by the Hague Steering Committee. On this occasion, the newly established Steering Committee, consisting of the Embassies of Switzerland, Canada and Colombia, as well as the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, introduced themselves to The Hague Champions.

The breakfast also provided an opportunity for the Champions to reflect on the topic of Gender and International Criminal Law. Following a two-day Conference on Gender and International Criminal Law, organised by Women’s Initiatives and others, the co-editors of the book Gender and International Criminal Law, Indira Rosenthal and Susana SáCouto, offered a thematic input. This served as a starting point for Champions to engage in fruitful discussions on this topical issue.