The ICC launches consultations on the zero draft of its first Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture

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Today, the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or "the Court") formally launches consultations on the zero draft version of the ICC's first comprehensive Court-wide Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture (find it here). The consultations will run until 9 March 2022. All input will be considered in further developing the zero draft version of the Strategy, which is proposed as part of the institution's ongoing efforts to advance and strengthen gender equality and workplace culture at the ICC.

Taking a planned and comprehensive approach to these two topics, the Strategy takes into account internal ICC commitments and needs, as well as recent evolutions across work environments around the world.

The zero draft Strategy has been shared internally with all ICC personnel, and is now being circulated externally with all interested stakeholders – States Parties, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, experts, and academia – for comment.

"We look forward to extensive consultations on the zero draft, which are critical to transparency and predictability, and which also ensures that the Court ultimately adopts a comprehensive and thoroughly considered Strategy", stated President Piotr Hofmański on behalf of the Court.

Comments on the zero draft Strategy are welcome and encouraged. Comments can be sent to: by 9 March 2022. The Court looks forward and wishes to encourage an active and wide participation in this process. All input received by this deadline will be carefully considered in the internal review and revision process.

Following consideration of the comments received, the final version of the Strategy as adopted by the Principals of the Court will be officially launched in the course of 2022.


During the Generation Equality Forum Summit, which took place in Paris on 30 June – 2 July 2021, the ICC joined the Forum by making a concrete commitment as part of the Action Coalition "Feminist movements and leadership": to adopt, implement and review its first Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture by 2025. This commitment is in turn the culmination of the strategic priority and enhanced attention the Court decided to give to the issues of gender equality and workplace culture, notably following the results of the 2018 Staff Engagement Survey, and was already foreshadowed more recently through the three Principals' joint pledge as International Gender Champions, as well as in the ICC High-Level Statement on Gender Equality, adopted on 30 April 2021. The Strategy also provides a way forward to address part of the findings and recommendations made by the September 2020 Independent Experts Review ("IER") Report.

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