Time to Talk - Champion Conversation Series


In this “Decade of Action” to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and as we approach the launch of Generation Equality Action Coalitions, it is clear that leaders from across sectors need to act to advance gender equality. But first, we need to create space to think. 

What does action mean for each leader?  Each organisation?  Leaders and institutions are developing a clearer image of what gender equality looks like and a clearer vision on specific milestones they must meet in order to attain it, but how do we make hitting each of those milestones happen?  How do we shape mindsets, culture and daily practices?  How do we overcome resistance we meet or obstacles we face?

Conversations and exchange of ideas are critical to moving forward.  Whilst our ability to connect and have informal exchanges has been made more challenging by the move to a virtual environment, the IGC presents a unique platform for Champions to connect across our multilateral hubs and share experiences and ideas. This is the Time to Talk – Champion Conversation Series.

Between the end of March and June 2021, when the two Generation Equality Forums will take place, the IGC Secretariat will arrange thematic conversations inspired by Champions’ 2021 commitments:

  • Firstly, on the work Champions are doing within their organisations, from achieving parity and developing gender policies, to advancing inclusive workplace cultures.


  • Secondly, to build on the IGC’s Impact Groups in Representation, Trade, Disarmament, Justice, Gender Equality in Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, and the resources and communities IGC has developed.


  • Thirdly, on areas such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence, intersectionality, climate and environmental justice, technology – many of them linking to Action Coalition themes.

Invitations will be extended based on Champions’ IGC commitments and organisation’s thematic priorities.  These will be informal, private discussions where Champions are invited to bring their experience, open minds and willingness to engage – as well as a refreshing or warm beverage to virtually share with their peers! 

Making “Time to Talk” will allow IGC members to tap into the intelligence and wisdom of this unique and influential community of leaders.  By thinking and acting together, we have a far greater prospect of meeting the global challenges we face.

Please do contact the Secretariat if you have a specific area on which you would like to focus, or about which you wish to seek further information.