Chair of the IGC Global Board Awarded Inaugural SDG5 Male Champion for Change Award

On International Women’s Day, Chair of the IGC Global Board Mr. Martin Chungong received the Inaugural SDG5 Male Champion for Change Award. The award was given by Arizona State University SDG5 Coalition and the ASU Male Allies, as well as the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Future Laboratory.

The SDG5 Male Champion for Change Award commends his outstanding work as Chair of the International Gender Champions Global Board and IPU Secretary-General, to gender sensitize parliaments and advance SDG5: Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls through inclusive partnerships.

This was awarded during ASU’s Celebration of International Women’s Month entitled Gender Equality Under the Law & WE Empower UN SDG Challenge Launch on March 8, 2021. The virtual event is the first of a series that will tackle the challenges being faced to mandating gender equality under the law and inspiring women leaders from around the world to push the SDGs forward.

The ASU has been partnering with the Inter-Parliamentary Union on a unique video training series: SDG5 Training for Parliamentarians and Global Changemakers. The video series looks at how champions can take concrete actions to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership, particularly in parliaments. 

The videos highlight how gender-balanced bodies are key in pushing for equity and rights in representation, but also their role in stronger governance and better economic outcomes. More women in private sector boards correlate with an increased return on investment. Gender-balanced parliaments also translate to gender-responsive policies related to long-term drivers for growth such as in environmental sustainability, health and education.

Mr. Chungong is extremely honored to receive this award, vowing to continue the very important work of advancing gender equality as IGC Chair and Secretary-General of the IPU.

I cannot overstate the critical role parliamentarians play in ensuring that laws are designed to protect & improve the lives of women & girls everywhere.

Thank you, @ASU for the #IWD2021 Champion for Change Award.

I am proud to be part of @INTGenderChamps.

— Martin Chungong (@MartinChungong) March 12, 2021

During the event, he reminded the audience of the critical role parliamentarians play in ensuring laws are designed to protect and improve the lives of women and girls everywhere.

He also highlighted the need for more men in this movement. While gender-sensitive reforms in legislation and leadership have often been driven by women, many males have proven themselves strong allies. The IGC Chair calls for more male gender champions in leadership. For progress to increase in pace, gender equality needs to be an issue that is fought for by both men and women, girls and boys, all over the world.