IGC Trade Impact Group Publishes “Delivering on the Buenos Aires declaration: On trade and women's economic empowerment”

On 10 December 2020, the International Gender Champions Trade Impact Group launched the publication “Delivering on the Buenos Aires declaration: On trade and women's economic empowerment”. The publication is accessible at: https://www.intracen.org/publication/TIG-Report/, on the IGC Website's Trade Impact Group section and under the IGC Resources page, under Inclusive & Equitable OrganizationsNew Research & Debates, and Going Further.

Through the publication, the Trade Impact Group is reporting back on progress made on the implementation of the Buenos Aires Declaration. More than 40 WTO Members and Observers, as well as trade-related organizations, have contributed content to the publication. The publication includes a culmination of findings from the six seminars, focusing on Gender Based Analysis of Trade, Women in Global Value Chains, Women in Public Procurement, Gender Considerations in Trade Agreements, Women in Digital Trade, and Smart Financing for Women’s Entrepreneurship. For each of these topics, readers will find a discussion of the key issues, recommendations and suggested readings. In total, the publication has identified 32 good practices.

The publication is available in English. The French and Spanish versions have been translated by WTO and will be available shortly as well.