As leaders in our personal capacities, we strongly condemn targeted attacks against women and girls, and male allies in Afghanistan.  We stand firmly against gender-based violence in all its forms.

We urge all leaders to do everything within their power and influence to ensure the safety and dignity of all people of Afghanistan and to uphold the equal rights of women and girls in particular.  Women’s rights are human rights.

We express solidarity with fellow Champions from Afghanistan, and everyone who has worked to advance the equal rights of women and girls in the country in the past, as well as those who are now working to provide humanitarian assistance and maintain critical services, including health and education for women and girls.

We encourage everyone to treat every person with respect and fairness, and to value diversity.  These values are essential if we are to move along the path of peace, security and sustainable development.

Martin Chungong, Chair of the IGC Global Board and Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union stated:  “My heart goes out to everyone who is fearing for their safety at this time. I urge all leaders within Afghanistan to work to ensure respect for democracy and human rights for all, including women and girls.  We are already hearing extremely disquieting evidence of targeted violence, restriction of freedoms and gender-based discrimination and abuse which harms everyone - women and girls, men and boys.  As Champions, we must stand up for respect for human dignity and equal rights in Afghanistan and everywhere.”

Gender Champions who wish to show their support and add their name to the statement above are welcome to email: