ILO Violence in the Workplace Treaty What is it? Why could it be a potential game changer?

Violence and Harassment are prevalent in women's working conditions. The ILO outlines conditions and some of the policies put into place to address them.

IPU Women in Parliament  -- time for more ambitious measures

The world average of women in parliament in 2017 is 23.3%, up from 16.8% in 2007. Only 3 houses have 50% or higher: Rwanda, Bolivia (lower houses) and Belgium (upper house).

Starter Kit for Gender Equality

What do snowy roads have to do with gender???

Photos from International Women's Day - Geneva

A day to remember - topped off by Geneva's Jet d'Eau turned turquoise & green in honour of International Gender Champions colours!

Shaping the International Agenda: Raising Women’s Voices in Intergovernmental Forums

Business as usual is not an option. To achieve gender equality by 2030, concrete actions and intensified commitments to improve women’s participation and representation
are needed.

Winter IGC Reception at WIPO

International Gender Champions greet Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and the newest IGC leadership Ambassador Veronika Bard of Sweden.

First Annual Report

This annual report is the first official record of our collective movements forward. We are immensely proud of how much work has been done, and at the same time acutely aware of how much work remains.

Video: Champion Spot Light on Dr. Syed Tauqir Shah

Dr. Syed Tauqir Shah, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the World Trade Organization, talks about his commitment to the Geneva Gender Champions initiative.