The International Gender Champions expand to Paris!

After Geneva, New York, Vienna, Nairobi and The Hague, the International Gender Champions network is excited to announce the launch of a new hub in Paris. Disponible en français également.

Paris Peace Forum: IGC presents its achievements a year after its selection as an innovative project

At the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum in 2018, the International Gender Champions (IGC) initiative was selected as one of the ten winning projects for innovative governance, out of over a thousand applications.

IGC Justice Impact Group: Launch of the Civil Society Declaration on Sexual Violence

Launched in The Hague in June 2019, the IGC Justice Impact Group’s first project on advancing understanding of all forms of sexual violence is making steady progress.

For the first time in history, four women lead disarmament affairs at the UN

With the appointment of Tatiana Valovaya as Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament, disarmament affairs at the UN are for the first time in history led by four women.

World Humanitarian Day: Women Humanitarians Demand Equity now

A blog by International Gender Champion Tanya Wood and CHS Alliance.

KSC Registrar fulfils IGC commitment

Dr Fidelma Donlon, Registrar of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC), established a gender coordination committee within the KSC. This is a forum for people to have open dialogue, share their experiences and also aims to dispel misconceptions about gender in the workplace.

IGC celebrates its four-year anniversary!

On the occasion of IGC's four-year anniversary, Champions were asked what the most urgent next step is to advance gender equality.

Arancha González succeeds Michael Møller as Chair of the IGC Global Board

On 1 July 2019, Arancha González, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre, became Chair of the IGC Global Board.

After four years of active leadership of the IGC, its co-founder Michael Møller becomes an Alumnus

IGC co-founder Michael Møller will complete his mandate as Director-General of UN Geneva at the end of June, thus becoming an IGC Alumnus.

The Growing Power of Women in Business – The Italian Experience

Italian Ambassador to the Netherlands and International Gender Champion, H.E. Andrea Perugini shares his experience of creating a network of women entrepreneurs and developing practical guidelines to promote gender equality.

Livre Bleu ONU : Les titres diplomatiques en français seront féminisés

Selon la vielle tradition diplomatique, l’Ambassadeur était celui qui représente son Pays, l’Ambassadrice son épouse. Les femmes qui de plus en plus assument ce rôle devaient se faire appeler Madame l’Ambassadeur.

Why Are We Excluding Women from Matters of War and Peace?

International Gender Champions co-founder Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, and IGC Alumni Ambassador Laura Holgate are featured in a New York Times Op-Ed on how hard it is for women to be hired, promoted or taken seriously in national security establishments.