Champions Discuss Work-Life-Balance and Family-Friendly Policies

On 22 June, eight Champions from across the IGC Network gathered for an IGC Time to Talk Conversation on Work-Life Balance and Family-Friendly Policies.

New Network-Wide IGC Gender-based Violence Pledge

Ahead of the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) in Paris this June, the IGC Global Board has approved a new, network wide Pledge to stand for zero tolerance of gender-based violence (GBV), sexist attitudes and behaviour.  This will be an IGC commitment to the Generation Equality Forum and aims to tackle some of the deepest and most harmful norms that prevent the equal rights of women and girls being realised.

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion by One Earth Future

June is Pride Month and in the U.S. we also commemorate “Juneteenth” on June 19th; the marking of the end of slavery in the U.S. Already widely recognized, we applaud the U.S. House of Reps for recently voting overwhelmingly to formalize Juneteenth as a national federal holiday. OEF wants to extend our support for these celebrations and reflect on our approach to issues of equity and inclusion.

Champions identify need for continuous and collective action to prevent Gender-based Violence

On 7 June, six IGC Champions convened online for a Time to Talk Conversation on Gender-based Violence (GBV). The session closed with a proposition to launch a new IGC Pledge on Gender-based Violence accompanied by a network-wide campaign to stand against sexism and all forms of GBV.

Gender Equality and International Justice – Turning Theory into Practice

Den Haag Champions shared experiences and lessons learned on turning broader gender priorities into concrete practice, both within government and international justice institutions.

Vienna-based Focal Points meeting of the International Gender Champions

The Vienna-based focal points, team leaders designated by International Gender Champions, come together biannually to discuss the current agenda developed by the IGC Vienna Hub.

Vienna-based International Gender Champions meeting

The Vienna-based Champions meeting is a biannual event aimed at creating space and time for dynamic and transformative conversations between heads of permanent missions, international organizations, and civil societies. Since current meetings are taking place virtually, for this session, the Vienna Hub of the International Gender Champions (IGC) piloted a new format and used small breakout rooms to facilitate the type of peer-to-peer exchanges that in-person sessions offer.

Champions align on Technology and Gender Equality

On 27 May, Geneva Gender Champions Houlin Zhao of ITU, Nazrene Mannie of GAN, Ambassador of Spain Aurora Díaz-Rato Revuelta, and New York Gender Champion John Frank of Microsoft connected online for a Time to Talk Conversation on Technology and Gender Equality.

Champions in Allyship With Youth Engagement

How can we authentically and meaningfully engage with the young people within and around our spheres of influence and power as Champions of the global International Gender Champions network?

Time to Talk on Youth, STEM & Diplomacy

On 05 May 2021, four Champions from the Vienna Hub gathered virtually to discuss the obstacles to Youth empowerment in the field of STEM, Diplomacy and the science-diplomacy nexus.

Positive first Time to Talk Conversation on Intersectionality

On 14 April 2021, five Champions from IGC Hubs of Geneva, Nairobi and Den Haag gathered to exchange on the topic of intersectionality.

Chair of the IGC Global Board Awarded Inaugural SDG5 Male Champion for Change Award

On International Women’s Day, the Chair of the IGC Global Board Mr. Martin Chungong received the Inaugural SDG5 Male Champion for Change Award.