April 22, 2020 @ 15:00 – May 06, 2020 @ 16:30
Online - On Zoom

As COVID-19 continues to spread, there are immense challenges facing decision-makers. In this context, gender equality can easily be cast as a distraction or a luxury, but we are already witnessing the critical, yet undervalued role women play in mitigating the impact of this global pandemic on our communities, and the disproportionate negative impact on them. 

Gender-blind reactions could deepen the existing crevasses of inequality and inequity, further eroding the rights and needs of women and those made vulnerable by poverty, disability, race, age, migrant and social status.  They will also result in an ineffective crisis-response; we already see that social distancing and handwashing are privileges that will escape many. Read the concept note here.

In this three-part webinar series, Champions will discuss how to navigate the immense choices facing decision-makers in a gender-responsive way and embed better policies and practices, both within our organisations and in our programmatic work.

Read our pre-webinar factsheet here.

Format: 45-minute Panel discussions (3 panellists, 1 moderator) which will be made available on YouTube, followed by 30-minute closed brainstorming sessions.

Session 1: Wednesday 22 April (3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (CET):  ‘Respond, don’t react’: Gender-responsive programming in times of crisis

As the crisis unfolds and emergency measures are put in place, what are the human rights threats, and humanitarian and economic needs that should be forefront in our minds? How do we ensure women’s meaningful participation in shaping global and national policies, while raising their voices in the media? Watch the recording below!

With the participation of the following Champions:

Session 2: Wednesday 29 April (3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (CET): Get fit for the challenge’: The need for organisations to lead by example

How can organisations balance strategic goals and the diverse needs of staff, ensure that the care burden can be shared and that working practices are inclusive and enable learning, upskilling, collaboration, innovation, and creativity? Watch the recording below!

With the participation of the following Champions:

Session 3: Wednesday 6 May (3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (CET): Build back better’: Shaping a gender-equitable post-COVID-19 world

The outbreak will have seismic economic and social implications for millions of workers and their households. How do we rebuild our societies, economies and public institutions to ensure that we leave no one behind? 

With the participation of the following Champions:

This webinar series is open to the IGC network only (Champions and focal points). Registration is now open, please click on the above links.

Confirmed participants will receive a Zoom link by email ahead of the event.